Gojek Earnings How To Calculate It bagi Driver
Gojek Earnings How To Calculate It bagi Driver

Gojek Earnings How To Calculate It bagi Driver


Gojek’s income how to calculate it? This question must often be expressed by those who do not know the working system of a driver. Becoming an online motorcycle taxi driver itself began to be in great demand. In Indonesia, there are many platforms that provide online motorcycle taxi needs. However, gojek has the highest popularity.

That’s because, Gojek is the first platform to spread in Indonesia. The age of gojek itself is actually still new for a large company. The first time the company was founded was in 2010. One of its founders is indonesia’s current minister of education, Nadiem Makarim.

Now, Gojek itself already has many subsidiaries. With the complete package, the development of the company is believed to continue to occur in the next few years. If you want to be a driver, it’s perfect to work there. For the question of gojek income how to calculate it, here is a complete explanation.

Thestem Salary Given by Gojek phas a Driver

The salary system provided by Gojek can be said to be very profitable for drivers. When the driver focuses on attracting passengers, the money he will get can be very large and even reach millions of rupiah per month. For payments that will be obtained by yourself, there is a difference in prices in rush and ordinary hours.

If you ask gojek income how to calculate it, during rush hour drivers will get 2.5 thousand rupiah for each KM passed. While in ordinary hours, the income is only 2 thousand rupiah for each KM passed. When a person is diligent, he can get orders up to 20 times a day.

Now, imagine if the order is as far as 5 km with 10 times in ordinary hours and 10 times in rush hour. This means that in one order, drivers can benefit 12.5 thousand from rush hour and 10 thousand from ordinary hours. Each is done ten times.

With that, the income per day reached 225 thousand because it was obtained from rush hour as much as 125 thousand and ordinary hours as much as 100 thousand. A driver himself will get a daily bonus of up to 50 thousand rupiah if he gets orders more than 16 times. With that, his total daily income reached 275 thousand.

If in a month a driver works 30 days, then his income alone is 8.25 million rupiah. This number is quite large if it can continue to be consistent every day. But according to some drivers, the income is not always like that. In the world of online motorcycle taxis, there are often some conditions whereg-feeding is quiet.

But according to drivers, often passengers are so full that it is difficult to get time off if they continue to open an account. That’s where drivers will benefit in large numbers.  It is definitely not gojek’s income how to calculate it.

Advantages of Choosing to Be a Driver

When viewed from the explanation above, it is clear that being a driver gives someone the possibility of earning a salary of up to 8 million rupiah per month. Of course, this amount is not obtained easily. Only large companies can provide such a large salary for their employees.

In addition, the amount is also based on questions about gojek’s income how to calculate it. With that number is indeed proven to be clearly obtained by the drivers. Another advantage when wrestling with online motorcycle taxi business lies in the bonuses obtained. Please note that the bonus from the nominal gojek is quite large.

The above has been explained that the bonus reaches 50 thousand rupiah per day if you get orders more than 16 times. Actually, the bonus amount is even more. A driver will get a bonus when consistently working every day and for various other things.

The amount he gets is also different. In essence, the more diligent a driver, the greater the potential profit he gets. When viewed from the question at the beginning about gojek’s income how to calculate it, it feels that the income that may be obtained will meet all needs.

But even so, gojek also pays attention to the safety of its drivers. One of the main points of this lies in the existence of insurance. With that, all kinds of unwanted problems can be helped by the solution by the insurance. The existence of insurance also does not make drivers need to pay installments.

The insurance includes deductions made by the driver in each order. So the discount on the order fee made by gojek is several percent paid for the purposes of insurance from the driver. This is certainly profitable considering that some large companies also do not provide insurance for their employees.

Easy Tips to Get Orders Even If There Are Many Competitors

When the question of gojek’s income how to calculate it is answered, everyone will realize that the potential profit obtained is very large. However, the potential profit must be accompanied by the realization that around you there are also many other competitors around you. In gojek, the order itself is taken with the bid system.

This system makes an ojol have to compete with other ojols to be selected when an order comes. Usually, who first takes the order will be selected to do the order. Therefore, there are some easy tips so as not to lose competitiveness with other ojol.

The first tip lies in the mobile phone you have. Try to have a phone with high specifications. When the phone has high specifications, the potential to win orders becomes greater. That’s because, the bad odds like delai when taking orders become smaller.

Always remember that the number of orders is very important in the question of gojek’s income how to calculate it. If the number of orders is small, of course, the amount of money earned will also be reduced. As a suggestion, make sure the phone has 3 GB of RAM and above. Also, use a 4G sim card and above.

Don’t forget to also pay attention to the rating as ojol. The higher the ojol rating, the higher the potential to get a large amount of profit. The first tip to increase the rating lies in the readiness to accept orders. Never make the mistake of refusing an order.

Gojek doesn’t mind if you do that. However, this makes the number of orders obtained next will be lowered. Also make sure to provide the best service to passengers. Passengers will give a rating after using the service so that their comfort needs to be considered.

Contact for More Information

It seems that the question of gojek’s income how to calculate it has been clearly answered. But if there are further questions, you can come directly to the official office, please note, gojek does not have a call center service for the general public.

If someone contacts and on behalf of gojek, it can be ascertained that the person is lying. But there is no need to be confused, gojek official offices are already available in various cities. Or you can also contact him by using the live chat feature in the application.

It is the right decision if you join and become part of gojek. The profit potential is huge and development continues to occur. The feature itself is getting here more and more with the existence of gosend, gomassage, to goauto. In addition, the income is also large and missed from gojek income how to calculate it.

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